Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Art of Aging

Is there?
I mean is there a particular "Art" to aging, well actually no there isn't really because if you're amongst the living you're aging, getting older, declining etc...

There is however an "Art" to aging gracefully and in my humble opinion, that starts with acceptance, acceptance to what is, what is if left alone will surely age.

I am not my younger self, I am seasoned, learned, I am Old-der, not-as-young-as-I-used-to-be, more than half of 100 and comfortable about it.  I am of that menopause group, the mid-life elite, I am a 56 year "old" me.

I Do-Not-Like when people say to me, "That's looks so good on you, it make you look younger", (Blank Stare right here) first of all (my older sister's fav word) first of all Nothing, not-one-thing at all is ever again gonna make me look younger a-g-a-i-n.  I am comfortable knowing that my facial skin is not as tight as it once was.

My hair is not as red/sandy hued as it used to be, well that is the red/sandy under the black dye, and not black dye because I'm trying to hide the grays, I actually love them it's the gray and sand that I don't like so much so I guess there is one thing about the aging process that I can do without, everything else is well "What it is"

Years of not knowing what I should'nt eat has left my older self with internal issues that forbid me to eat as I'd like but even in that diagnosis was a bit of great happened, weight loss, weight loss that I will never find again.

On the inside, I am an uninhibited creative, a deep into the galaxy thinker and dancer-extreme.  On the outside I am an uninhibited creative, a deep into the galaxy thinker and I dance, I dance at the thought of a base beat.

In my head I live in an enchanted and open place where the wisteria blooms forever, where I take magical rides on butterfly wings as the birds sing songs only my inner soul can understand a place that I know doesn't really exist but is awesome to visit.

I am me I am myself I am I and I'll be that til I...

"The Art of Aging" (an openly secret conversation) Coming this Summer 2013,
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  1. embrace it...thanks for sharing love your spunk. You look great!