Thursday, February 13, 2014

To "Bee" or not to be

The Bee's that taught me to "Bee"

Beecause of the legacies that have preceded us our only requirement is to "Pay it Forward", If you have nothing but information, it has value. No trumpet is necessary for your doings if it's done from the heart.

Judgement of others is a waste of valuable brain space, use your seconds precise because Life is not as short as it is Unpredictable.

"Bee" comfortable with and stay true to your gifts and offerings. If you are a Black girl, you only Rock if you are comfortable with the Legacy that only you know you will leave behind. We are role models.

As a child I wasn't taught about my past, but I know now and I Live my life in respect of my fore parents related and not, those who shed tears to be, those who said yes but meant no, those who died from lack of respect, and those who will be the us for generations to come. They paid it forward.

In the midst of your adversities and self doubt the only way out is FOCUS, you were born with exactly what you need to thrive, just remember that Weighted Wings Can Not Fly.

To my fellow entrepreneurs, it does not matter the size of your bank account, brand or how many likes you get on your social networks, what matters is What We Give Back.

I'll use the Bee as an example of the power of community, diligence and teamwork, they co-exsist in harmony, live as a unit and we eat. Be the Bee. Pollinate.