Thursday, March 6, 2014

One Skirt Endless Possibilities

 A note from the Ladies over at Sofistafunk
Inspiration: The Honeybee

Highly Social and Cooperative
The Honeybee is a symbol of Unity, Focus, and the power of Gathering
Multifunctional Timeless and Chic
The Gathering Skirt is a One-Size-Fits-Most little Bottom Frock with Endless Possibilities.

This Spring we venture to where the earth beneath our feet thrives on promise; where woodland creatures frolic amongst nectar sweet hues - like honeycomb, moss, and fuchsia.
From the bluish grey palettes of a cloud heavy sky to the shade of a bears paw, we've allowed nature to take center stage as we pollinate your summer with color.
When honeybees gather they unintentionally provide over 80% of our food

When we designed the Gathering Skirt we intentionally offer you One Skirt with Endless Possibilities


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Queen and the Bee Keeper

Had the most awe inspiring morning ever meeting Mr. Bee Keeper.  Learning is everything!  I added so many more bee facts to my brain cells that I thought I wouldn't bee able to drive home.   The Honeybee is unintentionally responsible for over 80% of our food source, and a major inspiration to the me and the ladies over at Sofistafunk. 
Honeybee Facts.

Mr. Bee Keeper was such a gracious host sending me on my way with a host of sweet goodies.

Right here below is the Dark Queen

 and here: a most beautiful wooden home/hive for the winter.

Do find out more over at

Monday, March 3, 2014

To Be or to Bee

To be the Bee

Climb towards your highest potential, climb knowing that failure is NOT an option.

I was once asked if I've ever had a dream of doing something Big, until today I've always said no because I've never stopped to think about the question on a whole.

I've never known what my dream was because I've always been busy living in it.

One day oh many moons ago I was faced with reality of single parenting. I had one choice. Fall or Fly... at the time I had a desk job but I knew I could sew and people liked what I created sooo, on that very unexpected day I knew I had only about 15 minutes to either pity or party so I "Gathered" my thoughts, cleaned my desk and unknowingly began living my dream. -ArlindaM.

Moral: Sometimes adversities can be just what you need to to soar