Friday, February 1, 2013

Funk'n after Fifty: Disgestive Issues

Yep, it's true, every last thing my mom told me about Sex, Lies, and Life after Forty,

Sex, sure enough if you do it once you'll do it again, the good the bad and the ugly.

Lies, ummm yeaha you'll definitely have to follow up the first with a multitude more just to cover the first one.

For me life after forty has for sure had it's roller coaster rides. Children, (anyone under 30) do consider that your digestive system is not made of metal, try and think at least 5 times what you expect it to work with, my parents and fore parents have said, " chile i been eating this way awl my life and um still here", but here's the question, yes, u r still here but what's happening on your insides?

We are not Lots wife, so it's ok to look back. Look back for your future health, look back at your bathroom deposits, like fashion, Colors Matter.

I'm no doctor nor do I offer any medical advice, I'm just telling you what I "found" about me and decided to share with you.

After my digestive issues surfaced, I had to change my eating habits to possibly what they should have been all my life, emphasis on "should have" no one knows for sure what is perfect but, what I know for sure is that since I've changed what I consume I no longer see unusual colors where I make my deposits, my energy level is Awesome and my skin is more vibrant that I can remember.

I find that when I eat what I call "Sun foods" ie: fruit and vegetables I feel more energetic, but when I eat "face" foods, (foods that do as i do) I don't feel the same energy as the fore mentioned foods.

Foods that do as I do: eat chew and potty, (now I do not challenge anyone that eats meat), eat as you please because I do, I'm just saying, focus on how you feel after you eat whatever it is that you eat, and remember always check the du.

To be continued... or not

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