Monday, December 31, 2012

Que Sera Sera

When I was a little girl, I didn't ask my mother what I would be because, in the distance coming from my sisters room I heard the lyrics, "You can be what you wanna be on cloud nine", I often wondered where this cloud nine place was and how could I get there when I couldn't fly.

As I approached adolescence My Mom stressed that my only responsibilities were to be a kid.  She owned a little vintage clothing shop and on Saturday's I'd go there and spend every hour styling complete outfits and pretending I had someplace special to go to wear them.

Yep, by age 13 I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and one Thursday evening, while my mom busied herself with friends, her black and white checkered kitchen curtains seemed just the right print for my Friday fashion moment, (I loved the black and red rooster boarder), and my handmade willow bracelet was the perfect accessory.

As I found my way through the teenage years I learned to incorporate my love of all things unique with my love of fabrics, vintage clothing and found objects, my goal was to make clothing that blended the styles I fell in love with while watching old movies and reading novels, especially the ones that were set in Paris and England.  Surely in my future I would dress like those ladies but some styles would need to refined a bit for a 20th Century lifestyle.

Adulthood afforded me the opportunity to design clothing inspired by the 50's back to 18th Century, and even before then.  As I look back now, I realize that none of those ladies looked like me, but as a child I wasn't taught to notice the difference, so I only saw what interested me, the clothing, the tea sets, the old cottons, silks, laces and the offerings from Mother Nature.  I wanted to see in real life, what was written as fiction.

My passion for big skirts and the grandeur of the whole girl thing is unrelenting, uninhibited and at times, down right excessive and when incorporated with any element of nature, I'm Happy:).

I'm often referred to as eclectic and sometimes a little off the beaten path but like the countless other creatives just like myself I'll continue my travels on my Sofistafunky little cloud 9.

side note: If you're very quiet you can hear the atmostphere sing:)