Thursday, March 6, 2014

One Skirt Endless Possibilities

 A note from the Ladies over at Sofistafunk
Inspiration: The Honeybee

Highly Social and Cooperative
The Honeybee is a symbol of Unity, Focus, and the power of Gathering
Multifunctional Timeless and Chic
The Gathering Skirt is a One-Size-Fits-Most little Bottom Frock with Endless Possibilities.

This Spring we venture to where the earth beneath our feet thrives on promise; where woodland creatures frolic amongst nectar sweet hues - like honeycomb, moss, and fuchsia.
From the bluish grey palettes of a cloud heavy sky to the shade of a bears paw, we've allowed nature to take center stage as we pollinate your summer with color.
When honeybees gather they unintentionally provide over 80% of our food

When we designed the Gathering Skirt we intentionally offer you One Skirt with Endless Possibilities


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