Monday, March 3, 2014

To Be or to Bee

To be the Bee

Climb towards your highest potential, climb knowing that failure is NOT an option.

I was once asked if I've ever had a dream of doing something Big, until today I've always said no because I've never stopped to think about the question on a whole.

I've never known what my dream was because I've always been busy living in it.

One day oh many moons ago I was faced with reality of single parenting. I had one choice. Fall or Fly... at the time I had a desk job but I knew I could sew and people liked what I created sooo, on that very unexpected day I knew I had only about 15 minutes to either pity or party so I "Gathered" my thoughts, cleaned my desk and unknowingly began living my dream. -ArlindaM.

Moral: Sometimes adversities can be just what you need to to soar

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