Sunday, November 17, 2013

Colitis and the Fashion Designer

Until then I had never heard of Ulcerative Colitis.  The road to discovery started one morning on my way to the fabric markets,  that morning I was experiencing some lower back and right side back pain, by the time I reached NY I was in so much pain that I was weak and sweating.

I went into a pharmacy and purchased advil thinking that would stop or lessen this never-felt-before monster in my back.  fast forward >>> later that evening I had to visit a client, on my way there and the rest of the 6 hr. appointment I was miserable but I never said anything even when she asked me if I were ok, This insane urgency came for me to use the rest room and what I delivered into it was like a horror flick, red yellow and white was all I saw and I was petrified.

Back track a minute, about a month prior I had lunch with a dear friend.  Later that evening I started feeling this aweful abdominal and back pain that sent me to the ER, after the morphine and ultrasound they told me they didn't see really see anything that would warrant this kind of pain and that I should see my doctor.  The next afternoon I had to make an urgent trip to the restroom where what I put in the toilet looked like something Stephen King would have written about.

Back to the ER with stool photo in Iphone, 3 hours later I was being scheduled for a colonoscopy indoscopy and food allergy blood work.

Colitis with wheat, shrimp, milk and others allergy.  This is where my new life begins...
to be continued...

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